Our baby care videos are introduced and narrated by Professor Robert Winston.
You can watch instantly and they contain all the advice you'll need for a happy, healthy and safe baby. Take a look...   Our 10 baby care courses of 'how to' videos focus on Feeding, Sleeping, Everyday Care & Development and First Aid & Accident Prevention. The content is all research based and advised by organisations such as The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.



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Baby Constipation

How can I prevent and treat my baby’s constipation? About 1 in 3 babies or toddlers will have constipation at some... ...read more

Why does my baby’s poo change?

Why does my baby’s poo change? Your baby’s poo will change depending on what they’re eating, whether they’re well, and... ...read more

Baby fever

What should I do if my baby has a fever? To have a fever is to have a body temperature higher than normal and is... ...read more

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You can watch our expert baby care video courses instantly on your laptop or device for £19.99 for 10 courses. Try a free taster video on the subject of your choice at http://education.essentialparent.com

Our new packs will be launched in Tesco and on our website in February 2014. There will be a gradual change from green packs to the new packs on Amazon, Mamas&Papas and John Lewis but the new price should take effect from February everywhere.

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