Folding a terry towelling nappy or diaper
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Alison Ross
Registered Midwife, DipHe, BSc (Hons) Was a midwife at Kingston Hospital and Specialist Midwife in Perinatal Mental Health.
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Poo, nappies and diapers

Folding a terry towelling nappy or diaper

Terry nappies are one of the three main options for nappies - disposable, shaped reusable or terry towelling. It's useful to be shown how to put them on your baby - or watch our video. You fold them differently for different sized babies.
Video Tutorial
In Short
The word diaper is named after the diamond-shaped folding that parents have long made to put on a cloth nappy.

Terry towelling nappies are the cheapest option.

They are also the most work since you need to scrape off the poo to flush it down the loo, then wash and sanitise the nappies.

Put your hand between, your baby's tummy and the safety pin when you do them up.

You can use waterproof pants on top of the nappy if you like.

They will need changing more often than a disposable or reusable nappy as they don't take away moisture from your baby's skin.

Terry Nappies

Terry towelling nappies need to be folded in different ways depending on the size of your baby.

Our lessons give you a step by step demonstration for a newborn baby and for a slightly older baby.

If you are using a terry towelling nappy and a safety pin, make sure that you put your hand between the baby’s tummy and the nappy so that when you’re introducing the pin your hand acts a barrier to prevent the baby’s skin being pierced.

You can then put waterproof pants over the top if you like.

You will need to change terry nappies more frequently. Some parents use terry’s nappies and some parents choose to use terry nappies during the day and a disposable nappy at night time or on long journeys.

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