Baby and toddler safety
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Katrina Phillips
Baby proofing and Child Safety Expert. Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust.
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Pram and stroller safety

Get into the habit of strapping your baby into his pram or stroller all the time. Babies develop very quickly and can learn to push themselves out before you know it!
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In Short
Check the pram complies with your country's safety standards.

Use a 5 point harness and check it’s adjusted properly to your baby’s shoulders and tummy.

How can I keep my baby safe in their stroller or pram?

When you’re out with your baby in his pram make sure that he is strapped in with a 5 point harness.

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of strapping your baby into his buggy all the time because he will develop very quickly and will learn to push himself out.

If he is always strapped in it will become a habit he accepts as he gets more mobile.

What safety issues do I need to think of when buying a Pram?

Here are the main things to check out:

Check that the label says it complies with your country’s safety standard. These labels are usually on the frame or seat covering.

Check the straps are all in good working order and go up over your baby’s shoulders as well as around his waist and down between his legs – he should be very securely strapped in! The 5 point harness is what you need.

The brakes need to work! Try it out before you buy it – especially if the pram is second hand. Does it engage properly? Test it when the pram is loaded with bags on a hill (if you can!).

Check carefully that there’s nowhere your baby’s or toddler’s fingers can get caught.

Check for any sharp edges.

Is the frame bent anywhere? This applied especially to second-hand prams.

Have a play with the pram or pushchair – You want one that’s stable, even when loaded up. It’s best to store shopping under the pram as shopping bags can cause the pram to tip, especially when you lift your baby out of the pram.

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