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Rebecca Chicot PhD
Child development expert with a Phd from Cambridge University. She has worked on several best-selling books and BBC documentaries. She is the proud mother of three children.
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Stage 4 – 9 months

When will my baby recognise their name?

It's a special moment when your baby responds to her name and looks up at you smiling. By talking to your baby a lot and using their name it will help them to learn what their name is and when you are trying to get their attention.
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In Short
Babies usually respond to their name being called at around 7 months.

Spend lots of time talking with your baby and using their name.

Babies can learn a word, such as their name, more easily if you repeat it in subsequent sentences.

When can I expect my baby to recognise her own name?

It’s really important that you spend lots of time talking to your baby as they are social creatures who learn and develop through frequent social interaction with their parents and family. Even if your baby has heard their name daily since birth it is a stream of language which sounds just like a foreign language sounds to our ears. It takes a long time to hear their name as a separate thing to all the other words but by 7 months babies usually start to notice and respond to their name. They might look at you when they hear their name or smile.

The power of three

Cute Baby Lying On Tummy In Parent's Bed

It can really help to say your baby’s name a lot when you talk to them. I recommend my power of three (and many parents do this instinctively) so you say your baby’s name in three sentences in quick succession as it helps them to separate the name from the other words so “Hello Belle, how are you? Your name Belle means beautiful and I think you are also a happy little Belle.’

All babies develop language comprehension at their own pace but if your baby doesn’t seem to respond to her name at all by 9 months of age and you are concerned talk to your doctor. Your doctor may want to check her hearing and sight as well as other development tests to see if there is an underlying reason for the delay.

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