Working with Local Authorities to reduce childhood obesity
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Melissa Little
Pediatric and Antenatal Dietician. She is a spokesperson for the British Dietetics Association on TV and in print. Member of the parliamentary group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood at Westminster for the UK Government.
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Introducing Solids

Working with Local Authorities to reduce childhood obesity

As well as using Essential Parent articles on nutrition, health practitioners can also talk to FoodTalk - an exciting and forward thinking London-based Community Interest Company specialising in the delivery of nutrition and dietetic services within local communities.
In Short
Foodtalk is run by HCPC Registered Dietitians with over 25 years combined experience in paediatric nutrition both in the NHS and in not-for-profit organisations.  Foodtalk's business manager has managed contracts for both the NHS and Local Authority ranging in value from £60,000 to £1.3 million and has written successful tenders for both private and public contracts.

What can Foodtalk offer?

With our experience Foodtalk can ensure that your organization receives evidence based nutrition interventions. They offer value for money by delivering sustainable and measurable outcomes designed to tackle inequalities in health. They believe that by creating and strengthening partnerships, they can optimise results by focusing their interventions on those with the greatest need. They work with early years providers, schools, health and wellbeing boards, local authorities, health professionals and other private and third sector organisations, to deliver a flexible nutrition consultancy service.

Please contact Melissa Little at Foodtalk on

To see the NICE Guidelines on Obesity in children and young people: prevention and lifestyle weight management programmes, Quality standard [QS94] Published date:
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