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The online content on www.essentialparent.com, together with the DVDs and any accompanying literature, are provided for information only and do not constitute medical advice or instruction.

The Essential Parent Company Limited (the Company) does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information provided in the programme or accompanying literature. The Company is not, nor does it hold itself out as being qualified to provide medical advice, prescribe medication or diagnose illness.

Those viewing the programme or reading the accompanying literature must not rely on the information or opinions expressed as an alternative to or substitute for examination, diagnosis or treatment by a paediatrician, doctor, midwife, nutritionist or other qualified healthcare professional.

The opinions expressed in the programme and its accompanying literature are the views of third parties consulted for the purpose of providing information about the issues addressed therein and are not nor are they held out to be definitive or unequivocal medical opinions. The opinions, observations, conclusions and recommendations expressed in the programme and its accompanying literature do not necessarily reflect the views of the Company, the producer or any related parties.

Updating Protocols

Protocols will be updated as soon as we are made aware of them changing and we provide no guarantee that this will be done immediately the new protocol is issued.