Katrina Phillips
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Katrina Phillips

Child Accident Expert

Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust

Katrina is the Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust and has a deep knowledge and understanding of the real risks that face babies in their first year. She is passionate about helping parents to understand their baby’s development, and how this helps to predict the accidents that she is likely to have.

Katrina demonstrates how to keep your baby safe in the house and whilst out and about.

Questions that Katrina helps to answer:

  • How do I keep my baby safe from my hot drink?
  • What are the big dangers to my baby in my house?
  • How can I keep my baby safe from our dog?
  • How can I stop my toddler from hurting my baby?
  • What’s the safest way to bath my baby?
  • What’s the safest way to change my baby?
  • How can I prevent my baby from choking?

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