Mandy Gurney
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Mandy Gurney


Nurse, Sleep Expert and Sleep Trainer & Consultant to the NHS

Director of Millpond Sleep Clinic

Sleep is presented by sleep expert, Mandy Gurney. Mandy started her training as a general nurse and it was during that time that she decided to train as a midwife and health visitor.

Whilst being a health visitor she gave birth to her son, who’s now 18. He had all sorts of sleep problems. He came as a little bundle of joy with reflux, asthma and food allergies. He cried a lot during the day and at night too, and consequently, it was a difficult time for her.

She went back to work and thought she had all the right people she needed to help her – GP’s, psychologists, and so on. But she found she wasn’t able to get the help she needed. This led her to think there must be so many other parents in a far worse situation that she was. So she eventually set up a sleep clinic at St Charles Hospital in London which ran for about five years.

She then set up Millpond about 11 years ago with a colleague that she was working with in the NHS. The sleep videos cover a comprehensive range of subjects; the theory behind sleep, why it’s important, how the hormones work, and how sleep affects our behaviour. Mandy then explains the different types of sleep, deep and REM, what those mean and at what point in the night they occur.

Armed with this understanding, she moves on into the usual types of sleep problems parents can expect to see during the first year of their babies lives, waking through the night, crying, waking up early, standing in the cot, and many more. Mandy outlines a series of simple steps to show us how we might be able to deal with these problems.

Her calm, organised approach has already helped hundreds of desperate parents across the UK and around the world and we feel very privileged to be able to share her wisdom with you.

Questions that Mandy helps to answer:

  • How long should the bedtime routine last?
  • Can my baby have a dummy at night?
  • Should my baby be in my room when they sleep?
  • Is co-sleeping safe?
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